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Hypnosis in its many useful practices is rapidly becoming a very effective science in solving and helping people with a number of problems. It can also be beneficial as a desired therapy within itself.

Is the patient unconscious?

A patient under hypnosis is fully aware of communication and that the patient is able to respond on request either verbally or by signal. The patient being unconscious is not involved. The patient is always in control, and there is no surrender of the mind-taking place.

Can any one be hypnotised?

Anyone with a normal ability to concentrate can be hypnotized through the appropriate use of suggestion. Some people are more susceptible than others to hypnotise, and the reasons for this vary. Anxiety states can inhibit concentration and therefore make hypnotic induction difficult. In theory, anyone can resist hypnosis if they choose to do so for any reason.

However, if a person believes that they cannot resist hypnosis, then this belief can override their natural ability to choose to resist. On the other hand, if a person believes that they cannot be hypnotized, then this belief may inhibit hypnosis.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a process of communication to a patient's mind that allows the conscious and sub-conscious mind to believe the same message. Whilst under hypnosis, the body and the conscious mind are in a complete relaxed state, whilst the sub-conscious mind remains awake, it is therefore able to receive suggestions.

The Hypnotic state

The hypnotic state is a natural state of altered consciousness where a person partially, or sometimes almost totally, withdraws concentration from most of the outer world and internalises his/her awareness. Thinking becomes selective and the person can be greatly influenced by suggestions coming from the hypnotist, or by autosuggestion coming from within.

Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness not unconsciousness and it should not be confused with sleep. During hypnosis, body temperature, pulse and metabolic rate, decrease.

What can be treated with Hypnosis?

Hypnosis can be used in helping and dealing with a number of problems, we face in our daily lives:

• Stress
• High blood pressure
• Self confidence
• Self esteem
• Headaches
• Weight therapy
• Improved concentration
• Nail biting
• Body and mind healing
• Pain management
• Guided imagery
• Relaxation therapy
• Insomnia
• Quit smoking