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Ear Candling? What is it?

Ear Candles may be used for many concerns associated with the ears and the head area. This relaxing and completely painless treatment can be used as an alternative to ear syringing in some cases.

Ear Candling is not a new alternative therapy. Dating back to the year 2500 B.C. there is evidence showing that people used and were familiar with the practice of ear candling when hollow reeds from swamp areas were utilized as candles. It has been passed down for many generations by the North and South American natives, (especially the Hopi Indians now located in Arizona), as well as the Egyptian, African, Oriental and European cultures. The process had been basically lost for numerous years, but has come back into practice again and is now being used by a wide variety of people.

Today, as in times past high-quality, ear candles are handmade from beeswax and unbleached cotton cloths. These specially fabricated candles are typically twelve (12) to fourteen (14) inches long and will burn for approximately 15 to 30 minutes each.

Through a process called "convection". . . softer waxes and toxins will be drawn out of the ear, oxidized and turned into vapours during the procedure.

This simple and time-proven therapy can be very effective in removing old and troublesome blockages from the ear canal, without the use of solutions or probes. Many people are rediscovering the value of Ear Candling to cleanse the ear canal and sinus passages.

Ear candling, how it works.

When the body is under stress the flow of energy diminishes until it is released or totally blocked. You may not be aware of this initially, but eventually symptoms will appear in the body. When excessive ear wax and toxin builds up, you may develop conditions such as stuffed sinuses or sinusitis, headaches, earaches, vertigo or dizziness, minor hearing loss, sore throat or coughing, allergies or upper respiratory infections. If they are not cleared, the flow of energy slows down and pain or discomfort usually sets in.

The removal of ear wax is a very minor part of ear candling; in fact, a lot of what will be drawn out of the ear and into the candle would be a mixture of toxins, fungus, fluid and dust and any excess wax which may cause problems in time.

Ear wax is essential to our well-being. It acts as a shock absorber for sound waves, and along with the hair in our ears, it stops dust particles and foreign material that might pierce the ear drum. It is when we have wax build up caused by noise, pollution, dust, etc., however, that problems can arise.

The burning candle acts like a chimney and draws from the ear. The drawing effect, plus the warmth of the candle relaxes the body, thus giving back to the body the ability to heal itself. Once relaxed, the body starts to function naturally to heal itself, the wax starts to move again, the circulation returns to the whole head area. In the outer ear, we have reflex or pressure points, (the same as in hand and foot reflexology). As we work around the ear area, these reflex points are stimulated by the warmth of the candle and the stimulation of these reflexes can assist in wellness of other areas of the body as well.

Ear candling Procedure

During an Ear Candling session you lie on your side with your body in a straight alignment. A special hollow candle is lit and slowly begins to burn. The candle is inserted into a cone then gently placed into your ear canal. The ear candle by its shape, design and length draws ear wax and fungus deposits from deep inside your ear nose and throat canals.

You will only feel the candle being carefully inserted in your ear. You may also hear some crackling and popping, as the ear wax is being drawn from within the ear.

As the ear candling session progresses, extracted ear wax and fungus will be burned off, but a majority will be collected in the bottom part of the candle. After the candle has burned down and been extinguished, the therapist will show you the former contents of your ear canal. Most people cannot believe what has been collected there! Expect to be amazed!

All you have to do is just relax and enjoy your ear candling session time . . .

Ear candling will also help the following ailments:

• Headaches
• Ringing in the Ears
• Migraines
• Ear Infections
• Plugged Ears
• Chronic Sinusitis
• TMJ Dysfunction
• Hearing Challenges
• Imbalance
• Excessive Wax
• Inner Ear Pressure
• Ear Aches & Pain

Never treat yourself

While there are actually rewards on the treatment, never do ear candling on your own. Even when you have done it in the past without any help, threat is just too big great. It doesn’t take much for your ear to get burned up, for your fingers to get burned, or perhaps for the seats or objects around you begin on fire. There’s just too much that could fail that you don’t choose to allow that window of opportunity to occur.

When done properly, ear candling can be beneficial and it can also be reasonable. Never do ear candling on your own though as you don’t wish to have to pay extra for hospital bills, replacing items in your household, or finding your home entirely destroyed because of fire that got out of control. It is far better to take safe practices than to have remorse shortly after something has took place that you never imagined would.